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Opening Screen
Opening Screen

How SymblCro Works

The first time SymblCro opens, it has two empty vertical panes.  When the user opens a pattern, SymblCro puts the graph into the left pane and user entered text in the right.

The user can add rows and stitches to the graph pane with mouse clicks and menu commands.  On the right, the user can edit verbal instructions for the pattern.

Stitches may be added singly or in multiples evenly along the row.  SymblCro can delete the last stitch or row, or any selected stitch, or selected portions of the graph. "Mistakes" can be undone.

SymblCro recognizes basic stitches: crab and those from slip to quintuple-treble, in American terminology.  SymblCro maintains a catalog of user created custom stitches formed by "decorating" basic stitches, such as front post double or back loop crab, or combination into cluster, popcorn, etc. The user can also create specialized picots, bullions, and Clones knots, and knot stitches.  The user can enter how-to instructions for custom stitches.  The Advanced Version can print out the how-to's for any custom stitches in a pattern.

The colors of stitches can be changed.  The Advanced version allows stitch replacement and bold/light facing.

You can select portions of the graphed pattern and delete and/or copy these selections.  Copied selections can be edited independently, flipped, and merged back into the graph one or more times.

SymblCro has a motif editor to create a mini pattern and insert it one or more times into any graphed patterns.

SymblCro can print the chart and the verbal instructions with additonal descriptive text.

SymblCro allows you to place stitches in any order, even in previous rows.

SymblCro aids in drafting patterns with a round design or rectangular design, or a combination.

In round mode, SymblCro can't predict where the next stitch will go, so it does little for you automatically.

In rectangular mode, SymblCro allows you to place multiple blocks along the row.

You can play with SymblCro as soon as you open it, but you might miss several of its features and give up in despair if you do not review the Help file.  You can print out the Help file for more ease in reading it.  At least read through the Help\Overview so you have a flavor of SymblCro. If you find the help file unhelpful, please let us know.  You might find some of your questions answered on the FAQ page.

The Demonstration Version

The Free Demo version of SymblCro available on this site is a functioning edition.  It has been tested only as far as we can test it.  As experienced software developers, we know that a product can only be thoroughly tested by people who were not involved in its development.  That's you.  We believe that the worst that will happen is that you will lose a few hours of your time because SymblCro crashed before you saved your work.

Rule of Thumb: Save your work frequently.

The Demo version of SymblCro has no monetary costs and can be easily removed from your computer, should you choose.  We used it ourselves to graph several antique patterns, and became more proficient with continued practice.

SymblCro was developed and tested with  WindowsXP and Windows 7.

The current version of SymblCro is Release 2.  It and the Free Demo will not run on Windows2000 or earlier  They run happily on Windows XP and Windows 7.

If you create patterns with the Demo version then purchase a retail version, you CANNOT just open those patterns with the retail version.  You must EXPORT them and open the exported versions in the retail version.

Features Missing from the Demo

The Free Demo version of SymblCro lacks certain features of the Retail version.  It cannot save a drawing to a file that can be inserted into a document, but you can print the diagram and the text.  It lacks the ability to display a background for the graph.  It does not allow selection of colors for different stitches.  It has no rectangular features.  You cannot enter HowTo text for custom stitches.

The Retail Version

The Retail version has the Missing Features listed above.  In addition, it allows you to change some cosmetic features of the interface.

Release 2 of the Retail Version runs on Windows XP and Windows 7.  It should also run on Vista.  It will not run on Windows 2000, or any earlier version of Windows.

You can copy parts of your graph into the motif pane, or open separately created motifs there.

You can edit and flip the diagrams in the motif pane before pasting them into the pattern diagram. 

You can enter HowToMake text for Custom Stitches.

You can enter and format verbal text into the text pane.

You can save the graphs as bmp files.

You can put up a background picture as a template for a pattern graph.

You can change the color of individual or selected stitches.

In rectangular mode you can enter multiples of open and closed blocks

All this for a mere $55.00.

For $125.00, you can print out the HowTo instructions, label your diagrams, replace and/or hilight stitches, preview patterns and motifs.

Purchasers of the Personal Version will be able to upgrade to the Advanced Version upon request for a reasonable price.

We accept only PayPal. Delivery is immediate via download.