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Graphs from Advanced Version


The Advanced Version of Release 2 produced the following example graphs.  Each is either my own "design" or made from 19th century patterns.

Unless noted otherwise, the new features are available in the Personal version as well as the Advanced.

Cornelia Mee's 22nd Doily

22nd Mee Doily

This chart of an early 19th Century pattern shows block placement of multiple stitches, as opposed to spread placement.  It also has labelling and darkened stitches, only available in the Advanced version.   The darkened chains indicate that the dc is to be made into the chain stitch.

Find out more about Cornelia Mee in Antique Crochet.

Round Doily with Straight Rows

Round Doily

This doily (my own design) was created by a rectanglar edit of one segment which was then merged six times in round mode.  Some of the dc's were changed to popcorns with the Replace Stitch command, available only in the Advanced version.  The popcorns were made magenta by applying Change Color to all popcorns.

Crenelated SnowFlake

Crenellated Snowflake

This is a revised version of my Crenelated SnowFlake.  Note the straight rows in each section, produced by rectangular mode editing.  The graph has some long legged single and slip stitches showing where attachments are made to the basic doily.   Long legged stitches are new in Release 2.  This diagram also has arrows,labels, cut/attach symbols, stitch counts, and lightened stitches, available only in the Advanced version.

Filet with Motif

Square with Motifs

Warning: for illustration only.  This motif was made in straight line mode, using the new Add Multiple Closed Blocks and Add Multiple Open Blocks commands.  The top block was added with Straight copy and paste.  Then I created an improbable round motif and inserted it twice.  The Advanced version of SymblCro allows me to move the center of a placed motif to fit correctly.  I inserted slip stitches and changed their color with the change color of all (stitch name) command.