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All Versions

  • Rectangular Editing
    • Add multiple Open or Closed blocks, user defined blocks
    • Vertical Placement in Row automatic (user can adjust with MoveTop)
    • Rectangular Selection and Insertion
  • Custom Stitches
    • Knots
    • LongLegged, to indicate remote placement
    • ShortFans, to indicate more than one sc or slip into one stitch
    • Joiner, to indicate one stitch placed through more than one stitch or loop
  • Statistics Viewer
  • Printing
    • Custom Stitch List
    • Trace Log
    • Statistics Viewer
    • User settable Font for these printouts
  • AddBlockEven, variant of AddEvenlyTo
  • Change Stitch Color
    • One Stitch
    • Stitches in a Selection, all or of one kind
  • MoveTop, to realign one stitch
  • Prepend Pattern Description Text to Text Pane
  • MarkEvenly, to help align multiple stitches by showing a series of temporary dots between two clicks

Advanced Version

  • Labels
    • Cut and Attach Thread
    • Row Numbers
    • Stitch Counts
    • Labelled Arrows
    • Comments
    • User set Fonts, Sizes and Colors
    • Moveable
  • Additional Statistics
  • Custom Stitch HowTos
    • Included In Pattern Description Text and Text Printouts
    • Shown and Printed in Custom Stitch List Printout
    • Filtered Custom Stitch List Printout
  • Stitch Replacement
    • One Stitch
    • Stitches in a Selection, of one kind
  • Stitch Bold or Light face
    • One Stitch
    • Stitches in a Selection, all or of one kind
  • Pattern and Motif Graph miniPreview in Open
    • Pattern Preview Shows Pattern Name
    • Motif Preview Shows Motif Description
  • Group Export
  • Move Center of Round Motif in Pattern

Further Information


If you want detailed information about all the great new features in SymblCro, download and install the new (FREE) Demo version, called SymDemo.

The install includes the full Help file for SymblCro, Release 2, which you can browse at leisure.

Do Not install SymDemo in the same directory in which you have installed SymblCro or you may clobber your existing patterns.