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Contacting NHSW

If you have questions about SymblCro, you have several ways of finding answers.

We have a FAQ page which has a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Click the FAQ button at the right or bottom of any page.

When you contact us about SymblCro problems, please try to be specific about what you were doing and trying to do. We appreciate receiving a copy of SymblCro.log along with your report.  Also let us know what version of windows you are running and what else was running at the same time.  We have made every effort to prevent crashes, but we have found problems with certain screen savers and other background programs.



We are at symblCro@nhswinc.com.
When you email us, please put a relevant description in the Subject line. So much SPAM comes into my mail box that I automatically delete email with an impertinent Subject.

Forum on Yahoo


The SymblCro group on Yahoo is currently unavailable.
Contact me directly for information about SymblCro and "Antique Crochet".

Yahoo has a SymblCro forum   http://groups.yahoo.com/group/symbolcrochet  for discussions about SymblCro and symbol crochet patterns in general.  I post notices about new versions there, and answer questions.

Let Us Know

We are always glad to hear from you.

Since several persons may have had the same problem, your solution may already be posted on the Yahoo Forum.

But feel free to write to us, either at Yahoo or by email.

Many of you have posted questions in the Feedback form, and I have answered them, not neccessarily in a timely manner.