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Download Demo

You may download the current free demonstration version of SymblCro here.  The downloaded file is a zip file. Unzip it, then click setup.exe.  This will install SymDemo on your computer in the folder of your choice.  Be sure to read the readme file displayed during the install.

This program is called SymDemo to prevent conflict with the retail version of SymblCro.  It will run on Windows XP and 7.

Initializing the Second Demo of SymblCro:
When you first open  SymDemo, it will initialize itself.  The Demo will display a message  saying "Initializing Configuration Information for SymDemo" and create the file SymDemo.ini.
Then it will open with no pattern showing.

IMPORTANT: Please set the program options from the Tools/Options page, before doing anything else; 
in particular, specify the folders for your Pattern, Motif, and Output files.   I recommend you create these as subfolders to the folder containing SymDemo.  If you already have a version of SymblCro on your computer, DO NOT use the same folders for your patterns and motifs.
 (Click Tools on the main menu bar, then click Options.)


If you create patterns in SymDemo that you want to continue editing with the retail version of SymblCro, you must EXPORT those patterns with SymDemo, copy the exported pattern from the demo output folder into your SymblCro pattern folder.  When you open the copy with SymblCro, it will be imported automatically.

New Users:

Please consult the "Getting Started" section of the Help files before plunging into SymblCro.  It will save you a lot of time and grief.

This is a free Demo version of the latest Basic release of SymblCro.  It has no Advanced features.

The following Basic features of the retail version are not available in SymDemo:
  import pattern
  create bmp images of your pattern
  change the color of stitches already in the pattern
  add howTo instructions to custom stitches
  view program statistics
  show a background image in the pattern pane
  print the custom stitch list

Please see the Help for more information on how to use SymblCro and its latest  features. The Help file index contains a list of How-To's for common operations.  It also identifies the features available only in the Advanced version.  SymblCro.chm is a full Help file.  It describes several features not available SymDemo, but it does tell you how to use what is available.

If you have additional problems or questions,  try the Support page on this site.

Notes on The Next Version:

This Demo version  of SymblCro is the last Demo version and supersedes the previous last free Demo version.


The Current Demo version of SymblCro. It is based on the Basic version of the second Retail Release.

To download, right click the small icon and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...".

Download SymDemo.zip